The Spiral Eyes

by Peter Adams



The debut album. When I wrote most of these songs, I was swimming in "Sgt. Pepper", "The Soft Bulletin", and anything by the Elephant 6 Collective. I wrote most of the album while I was still in college, and completed it over the months after I graduated. Purchase options include downloads in the format of your choice and CD.


released January 4, 2005

Everything by Peter Adams


all rights reserved



Peter Adams Cincinnati, Ohio

I've been writing and recording music since 2004.

In that time I've released four albums. I typically record all the parts myself, and combine acoustic recordings with digital and analogue instruments and processing.

Over the years I've worked in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Cincinnati, where I currently reside.

You can reach me via email at
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Track Name: Cementalisque
the smoother ride is worth the price
grass and dirt eat up the tires
for me it's a matter of function
nevermind the way it looks
I go by the books

beige and tan support the plan
rising high to please the eye
saving lots of money
stick the poor in boxes of gray

drive downtown without seeing land
it says to me the glory of man

my my my
we are the species
my my my
to rule the earth

far and wide
we're paving everything
pretty soon
we'll pave the stars

we can turn mars into a parking lot
cover the sun its way too hot
Track Name: I Evolve
when the fires did surround me
you were by my side
with your holy water hands
and sparkling eyes

we are not a prize at all
we are just the end

I was on the porch and you were
hiding in the dark
with the floorboards creaking
and the house falling apart

I evolve tonight

when the iron city rusts
and crumbles in the sea
tiny dots and dying leaves
will hover over me

to the other shore and back
sure I've found the end

bitches on their broken chain
of rusty party lines
sew the halos on their heads
and riot in their minds

so count the bumps on your head
where the palms are read
I believe it when you say
there is no way
Track Name: When the Morning Dies
i promise you my head's on straight
and looking forward
empires will fall in the sunken sky
so meet me in your room and keep a light on inside

I'm lost and gone in a dried up well
that looks up at a smile in the clouds
i climb the walls and comb the stars
and wish the dinosaurs would come crashing through my door

like fire and hate
all in sunday suits
one for me and one for you
i will count the days
wake me when the morning dies

the water falls into pots and pans
crooked on the wood paneled walls
our rest will come when the storm is done
but now the roof is leaking and the lights won't come on
Track Name: More Than You Know
forget to write
and I will call you up at night
and let it ring

the morning sun
it never bothered anyone
but you might find
it wise to close the blinds

the more I sleep
the less I like to use my feet
they drag me down

so after lunch
why dont you come around and see
why I cant eat at all
why I cant even breathe

how many bridges
are we supposed to cross before
we meet the boss

the great escape
it always seems to want to wait
merry go round
round and round and round

tommorow the sorrow
will be forgotten although
I will remember how I
fell upon the floor