Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve

by Peter Adams

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This is a collection of both new and old. It features my most recent piece for dance, Where the Incline Alights the Hill, as well as some of my earliest recordings. In between there are singles that never appeared on any album (Love in the Afternoon, We Collide) songs from compilations (Stranglevine from the Marburg Collective’s Dear Neighbor), instrumental music from movies (Sunday’s Mother and When the Dogs Cried Out, both directed by Aaron Jackson), dance (Untitled (Tourette’s)), and theater (Vivian Girls Overture).

The early tracks include Stand in the Sun, one of my oldest surviving recordings, created sometime in my first year of college, If Only Child, Rogue’s Gallery, and Great Wave. Dearest to my heart is Flashlights, always the track I envisioned kicking off my “next album.” Ultimately it just grew out of my control, and the version here is the first of many, many demos I made of it. Feet to the Fire is an unfinished demo from 2008, and In the Evening was the song that eventually morphed into The Sullen Saint of Eden on Songs For Modern Dance.


released March 3, 2013


all rights reserved



Peter Adams Cincinnati, Ohio

I've been writing and recording music since 2004.

In that time I've released four albums. I typically record all the parts myself, and combine acoustic recordings with digital and analogue instruments and processing.

Over the years I've worked in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Cincinnati, where I currently reside.

You can reach me via email at
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Track Name: Where the Incline Alights the Hill
How the streets do bend at will
Where the incline alights the hill
The summer's slowly gone
We sing a new song

Untie this crooked seam
Move me to a better looking dream
One with the houses I recall
And all their rooms

We do not mend our open wounds
We salt them and watch them bloom
There are bowers in the blood
Blooming mycelia

Oh so my dear
What the hell are we doing here?
I'm tired and cannot sit up straight
The sun in your eyes
I couldn't leave you if I tried
The bulbs in the ground
and seeds all around
the fossils of flowers and me
Oh how sweetly it goes
the ripples of a lung
the mushroom veins
the misty rains
the swirling arcane
Track Name: Stranglevine
Walk through the garden the tangle of thistle and thorns
Flesh rips and blood spits like your mother when you were born

Climb up the trellis the ficus and stranglevines
Blooms on the branches the sinews and tendons entwine
Track Name: Love in the Afternoon
I've shared my room with you day after day in winter sping and fall
On my screen and in fragrant magazines I watch you live a life I could never survive
You shape my world and give me something to hold as friends pass on
As my hair thins and as the world gets gloomy and grim
I still have my precious hour with you

Calista pull on my heartstrings
Love in the afternoon
I don't need cables to see you
The signal spreads and mingles all through the air

And when you fade into darkness
When weekends leave me bare
I know around will come Monday
I'll catch the signal spinning out in the air

You're miles away but when I lay on the floor you're right beside
My life fades in the glow of the cathode rays supine in the warm embrace of your light

And may your market share be high
May your writers never let you die
I hope that you grow old with me inside of my screen
And if the network should go bust
If all the TVs rot and rust
I will try to battle on without your love in the afternoon
Track Name: Flashlights
All the rooms we tore apart
And all the times we spent in dark
With our eyes above the bed
On the ten-foot sky that floated overhead

So here we lie tonight again
On a secret little island with a friend
How the walls would creak into the room
Where the hyphae and mycelia come to bloom

Climb into the spaces in the walls
Tunnel through the twisting corridors
Bend into the sinews and the fibers of the floorboards
Yeah in the hollow maze we parted ways
Following the flashlight as it flies

In the rafters wrought with iron
That stand above a stage of sinking mire
Moth-hole sets of crimson curtains hang
Swallowing the remains of the day

I dreamed of a girl who was twirling on a rooftop in a storm
She danced to the sounds in her head
While all around were creaky weather vanes
Light up the world and let me feel your pain
Track Name: We Collide
We are young
with all the power to raise a world
We collide the night against the pulsing sky

We belong to what is past and what is coming
so much to love
in all the sounds and all the colors
it stops your breath and moves your body up into the clouds

Open up we all are open up

Open wide our eyes are open wide
Track Name: Listen Harmony
In the fire station live
Several of broken company
Red light burns above the nation
But it really doesn't bother me
Rights of trials and tribulations
Is more than I can see
Have a little faith direction
And listen harmony

Boom box sittin on top of the car
He likes to think one day he'll go far
Right or wrong at least the same
Carry out orders let me fly the plane
On the birthday cake in yellow
Written "beauty I believe"
Have a little faith direction
And listen harmony

Bad moon rising above your home
Stay inside unplug the phone
Vapor hides in running water
And forms in misty clouds
Rake the leaves enjoy the weather
For duty for the team
Have a little faith direction
And listen harmony
Track Name: Stand in the Sun
Stand in the sun
Can you feel the weight
Can you feel at all

Fold up your clothes
In a neat little pile
In the formula's way

Hold up your head
Let me see that smile
Let me drink it on in

Land is your friend
Without it you couldn't walk
Without it you'd get wet

Playing in the middle of the afternoon is like
Staying up all night
Both are making fun of human's elemental fear
What to do with time

Pull on the string
You get to see me talk
If your lucky I'll sing

Waste all your time
Doing what you want
With no reason or rhyme

Mop up the floor
If you spilled your milk
Just dont do it no more

Light up the room
Dont walk in the dark
Just stand in the sun
Track Name: Feet to the Fire
Meet me where the shadows bloom
In corners out of sight
Sweating from the swollen summer air
Winding vines and tangled eyes
And branches in a storm
We become the whole entire

For you I would pick the silver apples of the moon
And set them all down in a row
Voices unaccountable compel the way I go
Feverish and never tired

Hold my feet to the fire for a while
I need to feel something
When the cruel morning comes around
Track Name: Rogue's Gallery
They salt the Earth and start the fires
Open the wounds and pay the liars
But in the sky my garden grows

Bore me awake with empty dreams
of who's in charge and reigns of supreme
Kings of signs that line the road

I will push and pull
Till all the flames have cooled
And I will sink into the river
Track Name: If Only Child
I'd like to walk with you
Into the empty morning
With a big smile on your face
It's a wonder I can do
Anything everything at all
It's friday night again

Quitting time
Never comes quite soon enough
What makes the people run
Outside my field of view
Like a chosen apparition
It's friday night again

Who's that man
Walking over by the courthouse
He's looking kind of lost
Like a man without a clue
Or maybe he's just happy
Like he's his own best friend

Come and watch
Your favorite tv show
They're the friends you never had
In time you will be blue
But now the sky is clearing
Just staring at the tube

Take a step in the water
If it's too cold then wait for a while
The sun is coming out
If only you weren't an only child

Gray is in the winter
And in the fall everything turns red
But fortunatley always for me
It's summer in my head